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Arizona summers can run the gamut from warm to scorching. Given of the high temperatures for the months of June to August, it's best to prepare for the heat with a fully functional air conditioner. So don’t wait to contact us so we can take care of you. Follow these practical tips to stay cool without over working air conditioning system and electricity bill.

Regulate Temperature

Regulate your own temperature by wearing thin cotton clothing, drinking ice-cold beverages, and spraying cold water on your face. Start with your body first before working on your surroundings.

Ice & Fan

Place a bowl filled with ice at an angle in front of a large electric fan. The air from the fan will pass over the ice first, so it will feel cooler once it reaches you.

Ceiling Fans

Set the rotation of your ceiling fans at a high speed and counter-clockwise direction. Doing so will help the breeze move around the room faster.


Get rid of incandescent lights. Opt for CFLs and LEDs instead because they produce less heat for the same amount of brightness.

Natural Light

Maximize natural light from longer summer days. Even energy-efficient lamps still produce heat, so turning them off will make your home feel cooler.

Cook Outside

Grill food outside to keep the heat out. Using your indoor stove will only make your kitchen and nearby rooms feel hotter.


Shut your windows. Keep them closed all morning, then open them in the evening to let the cool breeze in.

Heat Reflectors

Use heat reflectors. Heat can still seep in through clear glass windows, so add a reflective window film to keep it out.

Stay Low

Stay low because heat rises. If you live in a house with more than one level, hang out downstairs until the sun sets.

Add Plants

Add green, leafy plants inside your home. They improve air circulation, and they also provide strategic shade in areas exposed to the sun.

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Reliable & Speedy Repairs

Of course, nothing beats a working air conditioner to cool you down, so the best thing you can do is to hand over your system to the trusted air conditioning repair technicians at Comfort World to ensure a reliable and speedy fix for your HVAC unit.


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