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As you well know, it gets pretty hot here in Arizona during the summers. This means that an air conditioner that is functioning effectively and efficiently isn't just a luxury, but a necessity to both your comfort and safety. Unfortunately, air conditioners don't last forever. At some point, you are going to have to replace your HVAC unit. The following are a few common things to look out for that signify the need for air conditioning replacement:

Your air conditioner is over ten years old

The typical air conditioner will last between 15 and 20 years. This means that once it hits the ten year mark, there's a good chance that it will no longer be running as efficiently as it once was. Also, more than likely making it time for an AC replacement. Not to mention that by this time, there should be newer models on the market that are much more efficient and can end up saving you substantial amounts of money on your monthly cooling costs.

Your air conditioner is in constant need of repairs

Just because your air conditioner is exhibiting some issues - like the formation of moisture around the unit, the emission of strange sounds during operation and more - doesn't mean you need to replace your whole unit. However, if you find that issues like these are constantly popping up, then replacing your air conditioner may be more cost-effective than having to continuously pay for frequent repairs.

Your cooling costs have gone up

If you've noticed that your energy costs have gone up considerably from one month to the next, then your air conditioner may no longer be able to run efficiently. You'll want to have a professional come to inspect your system to ensure that the lowered efficiency isn't caused by a different problem. However, if it is your air conditioner, then it may be ready to upgrade to a more efficient model, such as one that is rated by Energy Star.

Your home isn't being cooled properly

If your cranking up your Air Conditioner unit and your home still feels too warm, then it may mean that your air conditioner simply isn't up to snuff anymore. It could be the result of a number of other issues as well, so you'll want to get a professional inspection before replacing your unit.

You're going to want a properly functioning and efficient air conditioner this summer and all year, so look out for these signs that you need air conditioning replacement. If you notice any of the above signs, give us a call at 480-483-8880 or send us a message through our web form and we'll take a look at your unit and determine the right solution for you.

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